Q. How do I book a regular appointment? Hair or makeup, not bridal, with Joy.

A. Go to the Booking tab above, and you can select a service and the date and request your appointment there. You will receive a text confirmation when the appointment is confirmed!

Q. Does Joy have a cancellation fee?

A. Yes, $50 will be taken from your card for any late or no show appointments. 


 *For weddings, large parties, or special events this will be in the contracted bridal service agreement.

Q. Does Joy cater to all types of skin tone?

A. Joy has worked with every skin tone, type and texture and has years of experience working with all races, ages and sexes. The answer is YES absolutely!

Q. I have hair extensions, can Joy still do my hair?

A. YES! Joy has worked with extensions for years, it all depends on the type of extensions.This can be talked about during your consultation!

Q. I don't want to get lashes, do I still owe Joy the total cost of the makeup?

A. Yes, Joy's base price for a full face is $90, with or without lashes. You can choose to get lashes, or pass on them, but the price will stay at that price for the hour service. She almost always recommends them for any special occasion! 

Q. What line does Joy use?

A. Anything that is a good product! Joy is a trained makeup artist by MAC Cosmetics, but she uses many other brands; Laura Mercier, Nars, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Too Faced, Dior, Tarte, etc. She adores many lines, and only uses products that she feels are the best for her clients needs!

Q. What if I don't normally wear makeup and don't want to look over done? 

A. Joy is highly skilled at LISTENING! She looks into what you want, who you are, takes into account what your normal day to day look is like! She will ask questions to find what is best for you, but she will also give you advise on what she feels you will love and be comfortable with! Don't hesitate to voice your choice of comfort!

Q. I don't know what kind of look I want, can Joy help me with that?

A. Yes! Look for inspiration! Look at magazines, look through Instagram, Pinterest; Keep in mind these photos are for inspiration and to show Joy the expectations you have for your look's outcome. During your consult Joy can also suggest colors or looks that compliment YOU.

Q. Can I buy makeup from Joy?

A. Not at the moment. Joy does not sell products. However, she can make recommendations for you to buy with her personal shopping service *See Services in menu.

In fact, she provides a chart of products used if requested at the end of your service, with locations you can purchase.


Q. Can Joy teach me to do my own makeup?

A. Absolutely, she offers one on one lessons with her clients. 2 hours of one on one time! She even offers a service add on to record the lesson and a video will be sent directly to you within 2 business days! 

*If you want to use your own personal makeup and just learn to use what you have better, Joy is more then willing to work your current items into her lesson.


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